We back emerging winemakers with capital, distribution, and technology

For many, wine conjures up visions of old rolling estates and the secrets of fine wine – along with the vineyard plots on which it is grown – passed down from generation to generation as a time-honored tradition.

It’s easy to feel nostalgic for this romanticized vision of wine days gone by, but the truth is that’s just not how wine works today. Unbound by legacy and drawn to the industry by passion not lineage, young upstarts are pushing industry norms around the world. Some are chasing wine’s oldest traditions, like making wine in clay pots, or returning to methods of minimal human intervention. Others are embracing technologies formerly reserved for Sci-Fi novels, like optical sorting machines that chemically analyze every berry as it comes into the winery. All of them are crafting their version of perfection in a bottle—and we want to ensure you get the chance to taste it.

Pour Management serves as the international talent management firm for the wine industry. We partner with top emerging winemakers to develop, finance, market, and distribute their own wine brands.