Tim Manning

Tim Manning came to Italy in 1998 with a dream of learning to make wine in Italy, there was a few problems though. He didn’t speak any Italian, knew nothing about winemaking and had no contacts anywhere. After weeks looking and about to give up he lucked into a job in Chianti with Riecine picking grapes. He quickly became the assistant winemaker there before eventually leaving for New Zealand to formally study winemaking. After getting his degree, he took a role as the assistant winemaker at Cristom in Oregon before returning to Italy in 2004 to take over winemaking for a new estate Il Borghetto. Applying techniques inspired by Burgundy and Cristom used for Pinot Noir, Tim helped turn Il Borghetto into a new cult star of Chianti Classico. Still working with Il Borghetto, Tim is now a winemaking consultant based in Tuscany. In addition to his own projects, he continues to consult with Il Borghetto and several other wineries across Italy.



The Vinochisti project has a guiding principle. Don't follow the rules, ferment them. Founded in 2006, Vinochisti ignored regional and appellation rules allowing Tim to create new techniques for classic indigenous Italian varietals.


Ten years after creating Vinochisti, Tim Manning teamed up with Pour Management to create Vinaccio. Following in the same rule breaking traditions of Vinochisti but focused on the native varietals of Sicily and produced at a price point accessible to the masses. Vinaccio roughly translates to “plonk,” in the best possible terms. These vin di tavola, like the glou glou of France, is meant to just be enjoyed… as much as possible.