Iconic Wine is committed to making the kind of wine we like to drink. We think great wines have balance, focus and complexity while showing a strong connection and pride for the place they come from. We do this by enlisting the help of giants and fearlessly pursuing any means that assist us to reach our goal.


Ten years after creating Vinochisti, Tim Manning teamed up with Pour Management to create Vinaccio. Following in the same rule breaking traditions of Vinochisti but focused on the native varietals of Sicily and produced at a price point accessible to the masses. Vinaccio roughly translates to “plonk,” in the best possible terms. These vin di tavola, like the glou glou of France, is meant to just be enjoyed… as much as possible.


Rockwell Vermouth offers a fresh American take on a classic European spirit. Handcrafted in California, each small-batch production of Rockwell Vermouth is a testament to what's possible when passionate artisans from around the country work together toward a shared vision.