Single Cask - Edition 01

Single Cask - Edition 01 NV


Vintage: NV
Appelation: California
Varietal: symphony

For our first ever single cask release, we wanted to work with two great distillers that are right in our backyard. A reserve of the lot 2 Classic Sweet vermouth was blended with five-year, cask strength brandy produced by Dry Diggings in El Dorado. The ABV was brought up to 23.5% from 16.5%. The barrel was acquired from Savage & Cooke on Mare Island. Savage & Cooke was founded by legendary winemaker Dave Phinney (The Prisoner) with the help of Jordan Via (Breckenridge Distillery). The barrel contained 75% corn, 21% Rye and 4% malted barley bourbon aged for over four years. We received the barrels freshly dumped and still wet. The vermouth was added that day. The vermouth was then aged for 9 months before bottling. The final product was bottled unfined and unfiltered direct from cask to bottle by hand. Every bottle is hand filled, waxed, and numbered. Only 400 Bottles were produced. Profile: Nose opens with dried apricot, crème brulee, pepper and sage. Ginger and vanilla cola pallet with a dry finish of toasted oak and orange.